December 26, 2008

Good Times

We (the Key Family) are sitting on the floor in the San Diego airport. We are missing five suitcases. The suitcase I am missing contains Josh's suit and my dress AND all my toiletries for his grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party (tomorrow).

I had three hours of sleep last night/this morning.

All the airport shuttle/parking services were full. We finally found one--and had to wait for the two drivers to shuttle us. (the other drivers called in sick).

The lines at the airport were crazy!

We almost missed our flight


Now we all have a missing bag!

Wish us luck!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Continue to enjoy your holiday season!

UPDATE: We had to wait three hours for the rental car BECAUSE we were late picking it up--because we were waiting at the airport.

A day of waiting.

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I will be out of reach until January 2nd. I hope to blog all my recent sessions, and wind down 2007. I am very excited about 2009--and I begin my new year with my favorite....SENIOR PORTRAITS.

Be sure to track Santa tonight. (click on Santa's name and the link will take you to Norad)

Much love,

December 11, 2008


I joined the gym and signed up for a personal trainer, Steve, at the end of October. I really started working out in November (due to being sick).

My goal was to shed five pounds by Thanksgiving and five more pounds by Christmas and the last five by January 16th.

If you know know that I LOVE chocolate. LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. Oh and I love coke.

My breakfast of champions for the last (oh several years) has consisted of a Little Debbie Snack and Coke. This was never a problem until about two years ago. Turning thirty does something to your body.

I have been trying off and on for the past several months to motivate myself to start exercising. I am not afraid of exercise, it is just I lack time.

I have enjoyed my month of working out (even though I only work out two days a week) and it should be five. I like my personal trainer. He is nice, but not too nice.

I was suppose to give up sweets and Coke. The sweets (for the most part) has been successful. I just keep them out of my house. Coke--that is a different story. And like today, I decided to treat myself to some M&M's.

Anyways...I have lost four pounds and have eleven more to go.

Snow Day

Before bed I wished for a morning phone conversation that went something like this, "Due to the snow/ice on the road, school has been canceled." No such luck.

However, I think that school on a snow day was just what the students needed. The administration decided to let the students go out during first period and play. I had so much fun watching all the students play.

I feel this "once in a blue moon" occurrence really gave everyone the much needed breath above water they needed. Everyone stopped to soak in the beautiful sites, the cool air and laughter.

Snow...please visit us again next week.

Moorman 2

December 10, 2008

Texas Weather

"If you don't like Texas weather, just wait a minute."

Yesterday the weather was warm, muggy and rainy and today it was bitter cold! I knew today would be cold...but I never expected snow!

I love seasons! (with the exception of Hurricane Season).

This fall I actually saw true bright red leaves. Leaves actually changed color (and not just from yellow to brown). Bright red and orange.

AND Today, we saw snow!

I was at home editing pictures when Josh informed me that it sounded like it was sleeting or snowing outside. Sure enough it was sleeting. A little later the sleet turned to snow.

Josh went to get us a bite to eat and called to say that the snow was sticking and how pretty it was. We decided to ride around and soak in this "big event." He was not much for taking it in so I dropped him off and I drove around for at least an hour. It was so nice. I of course took my camera (and my new Nikon 24-70mm lens...LOVE IT)!

It was so refreshing. The cold wind blowing my hair, the ice melting on my face, and snowflakes landing on my clothes made me appreciate my love for seasons once more. People were out building little snow men, throwing snow balls, walking hand in hand, smiling from ear to ear...everyone was soaking enjoying the snow!

Today was just what I needed. I quit what I was doing (even though I am so behind) and "stopped to smell the roses (snow)." I felt so alive.

My plan is to wake up early (earlier than 5:15) to go photograph what night left behind. I hope to awake to a beautiful white day.

Oh snow...dont go away!

(it started snowing at 8:00 p.m. it has been snowing for almost five hours)

Moorman Family

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and photographing the Moorman family. This family is so sweet. And look at them...they are all so pretty!

Regina, from our first phone conversation you made me feel as if I were a friend. I had a wonderful afternoon with you and your family.

Happy Holidays.

December 7, 2008

More Christmas Greetings

Here is another Christmas card example.

Another Christmas Card

Another Christmas card that I designed. Christmas is fast not forget to place your order for Christmas cards.

Happy Holidays

December 4, 2008

Derek & Jessica

I met with Jessica last summer to discuss her wedding. After three meetings, one engagement session, one bridal session, and numerous phone was finally the big day.

The wedding was absolutely amazing! It was so easy to photograph Derek & Jessica...I mean look at them...they are stunning!

Jessica has class! Her hair piece/ stylish, simple but classy up-do, elegant dress that showed her perfect figure.

Ashton Gardens is an amazing venue. They were rated "Knot Best of Weddings 2008."

Derek and Jessica I enjoyed being a part of your special day. You are an amazing couple. Hope to see you soon.