December 11, 2008


I joined the gym and signed up for a personal trainer, Steve, at the end of October. I really started working out in November (due to being sick).

My goal was to shed five pounds by Thanksgiving and five more pounds by Christmas and the last five by January 16th.

If you know know that I LOVE chocolate. LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. Oh and I love coke.

My breakfast of champions for the last (oh several years) has consisted of a Little Debbie Snack and Coke. This was never a problem until about two years ago. Turning thirty does something to your body.

I have been trying off and on for the past several months to motivate myself to start exercising. I am not afraid of exercise, it is just I lack time.

I have enjoyed my month of working out (even though I only work out two days a week) and it should be five. I like my personal trainer. He is nice, but not too nice.

I was suppose to give up sweets and Coke. The sweets (for the most part) has been successful. I just keep them out of my house. Coke--that is a different story. And like today, I decided to treat myself to some M&M's.

Anyways...I have lost four pounds and have eleven more to go.

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