March 20, 2008


My name.. Taryn Darter

My school… Liberty High School

What I plan on doing after graduation… I'm going to attend Texas State and I plan on majoring in marketing!

My favorite websites are… LOUIS VUITTON AND MYSPACE!

Something I must have for summer… A new swim suit and great tanning oil!

My dream job is… Victoria's Secret Model

My biggest accomplishment so far in High School has been…

Making State Honor Crew for One Act.

My current favorite band and/or song is… Shinedown

The magazines I always have to stop & look at in the grocery store are… Vogue

If you looked in my purse, you’d be bound to find… Camera and cell phone

Something I like… Banana Smoothies!

Something I don’t like… Coffee

What I do for fun is… DANCE DANCE DANCE

You will never find me… without my CELL PHONE!

The person I would most like to meet is… Channing Tatum

My favorite things in my closet are… my PURSES!

Two most important things to have a great friendship are… TRUST AND RESPECT

In 10 years I see myself… with a great career and family!

If I was on a deserted island the two things I would want to have with me are… TANNING OIL and MY BEST FRIEND!

I heart… my wonderful family!

I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday afternoon with Taryn and her mom Sandy. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met! Thanks Taryn and mom, I had a lot of fun on this shoot!

March 19, 2008


I had the pleasure of shooting the stunning and sweet Kati a couple of weeks ago! I'm so excited for her future, as she has some awesome things in store!

My name…Kati BrettWhere I live…Hull, Texas

My school…alumni-Sam Houston State University (August 2007)

A website I visit often…

A blog I must read daily…haven't read to many blogs

Something I like…i like getting to know people

Something I don’t like…i don't like arrogance

Something I must have for summer…time off work & a great bathing suit

A bad habit of mine is…i procrastinate!!

What I do for fun is…hang out with my friends

What I plan on doing after graduation…finding a job

You’ll never find me…never say never!

I heart…my family!!!

Here are a few favorites…