April 29, 2008

Ambre's Prom Session ~ Liberty High School

I had the pleasure of documenting my "first" prom. This beautiful young lady, Ambre Vandendorpe, is a foreign exchange student from Belgium. This past weekend she attended her senior prom. She did all the usual "pre" prom ritual from picking that perfect dress, tans, hair, and makeup.

Her family is many miles away--and I wanted them to have the opportunity to see how beautiful she was going to her first prom.


I have been working on embedding a NEW slideshow (with music) feature on blogs, Myspace, Facebook, etc. I am excited to share this new feature.

I have a lot of sessions to share. Coming soon:
Kaitlen's Senior Session
TJ's Senior Session
Ambre's Prom Session
Richard & Judy's Wedding
Erica & Chase's Engagement Session

April 28, 2008

Chelsea ~ Session 2

Last Thursday Chelsea and I traveled to look for "new" locations. Actually we were in search of an old alley. I never thought it would be so hard to find an alley. Along the way we talked about the present, the future, and most of all we laughed. We had a great time.

Chelsea, you are a beautiful girl--inside and out.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

April 24, 2008

Tiffany & Kade

Last week, I got to shoot Tiffany & Kade's engagement session. I am sometimes nervous about how the guy will do during the shoot--but Kade was a "natural" model. They are such a beautiful couple.

I am excited about their wedding in June at the Magnolia Ridge Country Club in Liberty.

Tiffany and Kade, I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with you two. I cannot wait to capture your amazing day.

April 17, 2008

Kayla ~ Session 2

I had the pleasure of spending two afternoons with Kayla and her mom. Kayla's smile and attitude is contagious. Kayla you are gorgeous!

April 10, 2008


Crazy how time flies. Rewind to 1995 when I was a senior in high school-- I worked with Kayla's mom at the City of Liberty--Kayla would have been 5 years old. It is so refreshing to work with clients like Kayla. Her upbeat and happy personality is contagious. I loved spending the afternoon with her and mom. Kayla--you are a cute, beautiful and smart young lady. Congratulations for your success!

My name is… Kayla Herrington.

My school… Liberty High School.

What I plan on doing after graduation… I'll be attending Texas A&M University this fall!

My favorite websites are… oh man, eonline.com

Something I must have for summer… a good book and money :)

My dream job is… Something to do with history or writing.

My biggest accomplishment so far in High School has been… being ranked #4 in my class.

My current favorite band and/or song is… Love in this Club by Usher.

The magazines I always have to stop & look at in the grocery store are… Teen Vogue!
If you looked in my purse, you’d be bound to find… an empty wallet, chap stick, car keys and my phone.

Something I like… singing bad and driving. Wierd, I know.

Something I don’t like… fruits and veggies!

What I do for fun is… hang out with friends, read, and sleep. Hah!

You will never find me… in jail!

The person I would most like to meet is… Matt Damon because he is FINE!

My favorite things in my closet are… my Sperry's and American Eagle jeans.

Two most important things to have a great friendship are… I know this is cliche, but turst and honesty.

In 10 years I see myself… with a great job, great family and LOTS OF MONEY!

If I was on a deserted island the two things I would want to have with me are… a phone and a comfy bed! I heart… my Mom & Dad :)

I cannot wait for Session II. See you tomorrow Kayla.