July 30, 2008

David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour

Last night I attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Seminar. WOW! This guy is amazing! Listening to his words of inspiration warms your heart and at the same time jump starts your spirit.

I have followed David Jay's blog for quite some time (and have never left a comment...that will change after last night) and when he blogged that he was coming to Houston to do a seminar...I signed up!

David Jay is truly an inspiration and he is so kind and giving.

However, if you know me...you know that I am a Jasmine Star follower. I was so excited to see that she would be on the tour with David Jay.

Jasmine is so real! I hung on every word she said. She is truly amazing!

I also had the opportunity to meet Shyla. She is super sweet! Hopefully her calendar will be in free in January and she can meet up with us in Washington, D.C.

I met some really neat photographers last night. David Jay challenged us to get together at least once a month.

Sarah Shalley Photography
Brandi Tejeda
Brad Buffalo
Ramie Babcock
Michelle Peek

Happy Birthday

We celebrated my brother-in-law, Justin's 23rd birthday on Monday, July 28th.

I just had to take some pictures of Cameron since she was dressed in her cute little outfit from New York. In the middle of Cameron's pictures--Kade decided to get in the middle of the action.

Happy Wednesday.

July 29, 2008

B. Persnickety Designs

I received an email last week that made my heart fill with joy and happiness.

You see...a friend of mine {Brandy Oliphant} has started an incredible invitation business (design on paper).

Last year when I was "really" trying to get my business off the ground, Brandy was my sounding board. We talked for countless hours about logos, colors, brand, etc. She was amazing! I kept telling her that she needed to start her own "design" business. AND GUESS WHAT...she did. I am so proud of her.

Her site and blog looks amazing!



A Couple of Brandy's Designs (Images Copyright of B. Persnickety Designs)

July 23, 2008

I am off to New York

I leave in FOUR hours for New York!

After shooting four weddings and doing summer school...I needed a break!

LAST week (after finding out that Josh could not get off work)I asked my friend Regina if she wanted to go on a trip {NEXT WEEK}...she laughed and said sure. I then called my friend Mandi and sister-in-law Ashley to see if they were in...and they said yes! SO...we booked the trip last Friday and we leave tomorrow. Very LAST MINUTE.

I am SUPER EXCITED! Will blog about the trip next week.

{I will be "out of the office" until Monday"....}

July 20, 2008

Six Years

Today is our sixth year wedding anniversary! Wow how time flies when you are having fun :)

You’re the man who understands the way I think, who supports me in every new path I follow, who’s grateful for the things we share as a couple, and proud of my independence and accomplishments.

You’re the man who stands beside me in everything,
The man who steals my heart over and over…
….the man I’ll love forever.

~ Renee Duvall

Happy anniversary sweetie! I love you!

July 16, 2008

Jeremy & Dawn

I was so excited to get an email from Dawn asking to be apart of her special day as her wedding photographer. I had the pleasure of teaching both Jeremy & Dawn when they were seniors in high school. It is so wonderful to see them "all grown up" and successful! I am so proud of both of you!

Jeremy and Dawn had a beautiful ceremony at Heathers Glen in Conroe, Texas. It was such a gorgeous venue!

July 15, 2008

Tracy Elder

I was SO excited to do a bridal session at this venue ~ Paraiso Maravilla in Houston.

Tracy looked absolutely beautiful! I have "several" favorites to share.

Kade & Tiffany

Kade & Tiffany had a beautiful wedding at the Magnolia Ridge Country Club in Liberty. It was a perfect day for an outside wedding! Tiffany worked hard on making sure all the details were perfect. I loved the colors and all the special touches!

Congratulations Kade & Tiffany!

I {LOVE} ring shots! (it is fun to find new and creative ways to place the rings) I think this is my fav!