July 30, 2008

David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour

Last night I attended David Jay's Free to Succeed Seminar. WOW! This guy is amazing! Listening to his words of inspiration warms your heart and at the same time jump starts your spirit.

I have followed David Jay's blog for quite some time (and have never left a comment...that will change after last night) and when he blogged that he was coming to Houston to do a seminar...I signed up!

David Jay is truly an inspiration and he is so kind and giving.

However, if you know me...you know that I am a Jasmine Star follower. I was so excited to see that she would be on the tour with David Jay.

Jasmine is so real! I hung on every word she said. She is truly amazing!

I also had the opportunity to meet Shyla. She is super sweet! Hopefully her calendar will be in free in January and she can meet up with us in Washington, D.C.

I met some really neat photographers last night. David Jay challenged us to get together at least once a month.

Sarah Shalley Photography
Brandi Tejeda
Brad Buffalo
Ramie Babcock
Michelle Peek


plumtreestudios said...

So here's your first comment to this post, yay! I loved meeting you, too! And I am so serious about getting together for our little "think tanks" once a month! I will email you and the rest of the girls soon to see about setting it up. Love, love, love your work and your website!


Brandi said...

Wasnt it fabulous? I am still beaming from Tuesday night. I just feel all warm and gooey! hehe

Jasmine said...

Rock it out, girl!! :)


loragaige said...

Hi Amanda, I was at the Houston event too...and would love to crash your monthly get together! I'm still just a newbie to photography, but would love to learn from some pros. :)

michelle Peek said...

Hey Amanda! It was so good to meet you. It was a great night, I hope we can get together.

Michelle Peek

Sarah Shalley said...

Hey girl! Include me in the get together FOR SURE! Just wanted you to know that I keep gettin gall these blog updates from you [one was titled new york], but when I open it, nothing is there. Any ideas?

Can't wait to talk to you again.