January 3, 2010

Awww...I Remember When

{I have yet to post my Business New Year's Resolutions} but one is to blog every day. As I was searching for a quick post, I ran across this set of pictures.

Inaguration 2009. President Obama.

Yep. That is me on top of a police car. Taking pictures.
Whatever it takes to get the best picture!

The lucky ones! We were ticket holders!

{What were the tickets good for again? please explain?} {Tickets that I had started calling for 11 months prior. Tickets that I called, called and called about. Oh those tickets!}

When we tirelessly walked the streets of downtown D.C., I made the decision to find shelter in a local supermarket. We sat and soaked up the warm air, ate chips and tirelessly laughed at the situation.

In a few short days I will be chaperoning a trip to New York City. We will be taking 38 students on another exciting journey. To learn, of course!

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