June 9, 2009

Amy Wenzel Workshop, Day 1

Sarah and I were off to the workshop mixer on Sunday night. We were excited yet nervous. As we entered the elevator I asked the "stranger" how she thought we looked. Did we look over dressed? Too conservative?

Come to find out the stranger on the elvator was Carli, she was also attending the Amy Wenzel workshop.

While at the mixer, Amy Wenzel explained an unfortunate event that involved her husband. As the event unfolded we received news that Amy's husband David has a brain tumor and they were doing surgery in the morning.

We met yesterday morning to discuss that the workshop had to be canceled. Please, please, please take time to pray for Amy & David. (you can read his blog for more information).

So here we are.

Yesterday, Sarah and I joined three other ladies from New York, Ohio & Colorado to discuss different programs we use, how we do business, etc. I guess you could say we had our own "mini workshop."

I called Continental Airlines to see how much it would cost to fly home early. $630. Can you believe that? I proceeded to tell him my thoughts and he told me I could have read the "fine print/rules." Round trip flight when we purchased three months ago $328.30. Now one way home $630. PLUS the $15 luggage fee.

As if we are not down enough, Josh called this morning to tell me that Henry had a seizure. And I am not home...

Due to the cost of the plane ticket home, we are here to enjoy our stay.

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