March 2, 2009

I blog stalk Amy Wenzel

While blog stalking last Tuesday I read that one of my favorite photographers, Amy Wenzel, was offering a workshop in June. Of course my first reaction was "I'm in! Where do I go to sign up?"

After talking it over with Josh, he of course explained all the reasons why I should go. Feeling guilty for the amount of money I would be spending, I held off.

I pondered daily. Would it be worth the money I would spend in registration, air, hotel and rental car?

Thursday, as I was blog stalking, I noticed that the workshop only had three seats left. I quickly booked my seat. After all the excitement I sat wondering if I had made a good decision. "Of course I did!"

Josh came in from work and I quietly told him the good news! That I had taken his advice and decided to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan!

On a whim I decided to text my new friend Sarah Shalley and see if "by chance" she wanted to go to the workshop. "I just booked a workshop in MI. Go with me--it will be fun!"

*Side Note...I met Sarah this summer at David Jay's Houston Free to Succeed Tour. We immediately hit it off and have been learning from one another ever since. Sarah was a huge help by second shooting for me at a wedding in November.

We exchanged a couple of text messages and even a phone call. (not to stress her out but by this point there would have been only 2 seats left).

Needless to say I received a text later that night..."I booked"

I am super excited! I cannot wait! Sarah--I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited that you decided to go! We are going to have so much fun!


Sarah Shalley said...

hahaha. you're sooo funny. i know. we're wild. we're a little crazy. we made some super fast decision making. i certainly hope that its worth it. regardless, i know that we'll have a ton of fun, make some great memories and come away as better friends. thanks for asking me and for planning. i am so grateful for your help.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to Grand Rapids, you HAVE to find some time to meet with Aletha from Pearls Events. I met her via the net when I first got started and she is fantastic!! I would love to go see her myself, but since you're going I'm sending you instead! :-)