February 24, 2009

Graduating Seniors Need Our Help

LIBERTY, February 24, 2009 – Funding for the senior prom and project graduation at Liberty High School is running behind due to Hurricane Ike and the state of our economy says, Julie Cain. Additionally business contributors to project graduation are tapped out and two large fundraisers have been lost.

Luckily there is a way that we can all help to overcome these obstacles.

Stumps, a company that sells prom and party supplies, is having a contest whereby they give over $65,000 dollars worth of prom and decorations and party favors. One school from each State wins one prize of $1,000.00. The state winners then compete to win one of three grand prizes. The grand prizewinners are determined by the 3 states that have the most votes cast for them. The grand prize takes care of the DJ, party favors and decorations.

Liberty High School has been entered in the Stumps Contest. The greatest number of votes per school determines the winner. You can vote one time per day. If we win, we can have all of our decorations, DJ and favors paid for. That will really lift a burden since we are so far behind in fundraising. This is how you vote for Liberty High School.

1. Go to http://www.stumpsprom.com
2. Scroll down to the Proms Across American window (bottom left) and click
3. Then click on the bubble that says 'Vote Now'
4. Scroll down to Texas, then find Liberty High School, click it, then go to the bottom and hit VOTE. You must hit the vote button for it to count.

You can hit the results button to see how we stand next to other Texas schools that have entered. At this time we are behind in the nation but winning Texas. Seniors ask that you please tell your friends and family to vote each day. Forward this all around town and ask everyone to help our class and vote for us each day on as many computers as they have access to. Like work or school and again on their home computer. We are a great town with a lot of spirit. If everyone helps us, we can win!!!

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